A strong opening weekend, followed by the arrival of October-like conditions


The first weekend of October spoils us, but the first full work week of October may leave something to be desired. More on that in a bit.

Southern Alberta will linger under a ridge for a couple of days, while a trundling trough drops in over British Columbia today. Wind warnings, rainfall warnings, and snowfall warnings are active in the extreme northwest. While high pressure persists, our energy budget will continue accumulating a surplus of heat. That begins to drive out Monday, as our temperatures drop off toward rain showers by Wednesday.

So… let's talk about snow.

Yes, in fact, this is the map I meant to post. Doh! pic.twitter.com/e7wG7522qw

— Brian Brettschneider (@Climatologist49) June 16, 2021

A couple of weeks ago now, there was some sleet in the northwest; a pod even briefly popped up near downtown. But it wasn't quite all-encompassing, and offered little in the way of measurable snow, especially at the airport, where we track these conditions. The chart above shows that Calgary's among the outliers in Canada, with our median first snowfall occurring in the last two weeks of September.

Wednesday evening, our low temperature hits parameters that could generate snow, and our conditions offer precipitation. Mix those two together, and we have a shot at overnight flurries after Wednesday's rain. This is so far out in our forecast, I don't want to put too much stock in it… but, 'tis the season (also, 85 days 'til Christmas).



  • Morning wind, then mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 16 C
  • Evening: mainly clear, low 4 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 17 C
  • Evening: cloudy periods, low 7 C


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 20 C
  • Evening: clear, low 3 C


  • Sunny
  • Daytime high: 18 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 5 C


  • Mainly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 13 C
  • Evening: mainly cloudy, low 3 C


Cheryl in Cranston snapped this beauty:

And Ulla caught a neat shot of the Bowness train tracks!

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