The latest polls show the Liberals and Conservatives in a dead heat.

With two weeks to go until the election, pollster Philippe J. Fournier is predicting a photo finish.

"To be tied two weeks before election day is highly unusual, and I would say we're in for an extremely tight race until the end," he said.

In Quebec, a key battleground for all the major parties, the Bloc Quebecois could see a resurgence--possibly picking up 20 seats or more, Fournier said.

"Right now, according to the numbers that we have, the Bloc has gained at least five points since the start of the campaign in Quebec," he said. "They're edging towards 25 per cent [popularity] in Quebec."

The surge in Bloc support in Quebec mirrors a Conservative decline. The Tories' popularity has dropped since last week's French-language debate.

"There's no path to a majority for the Conservatives without Quebec. It seems maybe Andrew Scheer has blown it last week," Fournier said.

The NDP, meanwhile, is clinging to its seats in the province. Fournier said the party could salvage two seats in Quebec, which, he said, would be a victory for the party.