A Windsor teen fulfills her dream as an artist, thanks to the Sunshine Foundation

"I started drawing from the early age of four. Back then it was just doodles and stuff but I was thinking I was some kind of professional."

17-year old, Angelina Boschin has a passion for art.

"Since I was little I’ve been completed fascinated with animation and cartoons," says Boschin.

Boschin spends her free time illustrating her own children’s book she wrote, titled Mr. Shell.

"It’s about a snail named Mr. Shell and he’s very lonely and so he tries whatever he can to make friends, but nothing he does really seems to work," says Boschin.

Boschin who was born with cerebral palsy doesn’t let her condition stop her from following her dreams. With the support of the Sunshine Foundation, Boschin received a MacBook and a variety of art supplies for her birthday to enhance her creativity.

"In the sketch book was the original sketch of the characters and in the portfolio is all the line work that I did," explains Boschin. "All that’s left now is to just finish it up with the programs on the Mac and thanks to Sunshine Foundation I can do that."

"When you have foundations that support this we can only go forward. It’s a wonderful thing," says Angelina’s father, Frank Boschin. "I couldn't be more proud. Someone at this age is taking the time with her abilities to go forward and publish art."

With her new technology and family’s support, Boschin hopes by sharing her art, she can make people happy.

"I just want someone to have that feeling I had when I was a kid when watching a show and feeling like so excited by every episode or taken emotionally. I want my works to help someone or at least be meaningful to them in that way," says Boschin.