Abuse survivors in the Sault launch 'Bloom for Change' campaign

A survivors group of domestic and sexual abuse in Sault Ste. Marie is launching a new campaign, coinciding with sexual assault prevention month.

Freedom Sisters Sault Ste. Marie has launched the 'Bloom for Change' campaign, which asks participants to plant purple bulbs and post them to social media, acting as an awareness bouquet.

"Much like everything else, I think society has created a stigma that has carried on again for far too long," said Lebertine Wilson, co-founder of the group.

"Our goal is to have a bouquet of community members (who) also want change in our community and in turn, we will be giving that to city hall and our elected officials here."

Long way to go

Wilson said there's still a long way before victims of abuse can feel comfortable coming forward about their trauma.

In many ways, they said the current environment is anything but inviting for victims.

"We often hear, 'why did she stay so long?' But what we need to start asking instead is why did he feel the need to abuse," Wilson added.

"There's not enough out there to help people who feel like it's their fault when we know that it's never the fault of a victim."

Those who want to get involved are encouraged to visit the Freedom Sisters social media pages.