The City of Regina's Accessibility Advisory Committee met on Monday afternoon to discuss sidewalks in the city.

At the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting on Dec.12, the committee requested that Administration put together a report about how sidewalk safety is managed.

It also wanted to know how the City is improving the walkability and accessibility of sidewalks for Regina residents.

Administration requested the Accessibility Advisory Committee to hold a meeting to provide feedback about sidewalks in the city and if improvements should be made to make them more accessible for people.

Discussions at the meeting focused around people who live with disabilities and certain challenges they may face when it comes to sidewalks.

Committee members also spoke about areas that need improvements to the sidewalk structure.

During the meeting, Administration said $500,000 has been made available to make sidewalks safer and more accessible in Regina for the year 2021.

City Council will be discussing the accessibility and safety around sidewalks in 2021.