Affordable housing complex to open next summer in Sudbury

A 38-unit affordable housing project is moving ahead in downtown Sudbury.

It's an initiative from local developer Dario Zulich, who decided in 2019 to build a space in honour of a well-known church pastor.

The land located next to the water tower downtown will be the site of a new permanent affordable housing complex that will consist of 38 one-bedroom apartments.

It was originally the vision of a well-loved pastor Jeremy Mahood, who died suddenly in June 2019.

“Originally the project was going to be built in the parking lot and after consultation, we realized that the majority of the tenants won’t have access to vehicles,” said Tim Laderoute, of Sudbury Peace Tower Inc.

“So giving consideration to that, we’re going to build the structure into the slope of the property.”

The overall price tag is between $10 million-$12 million.

Laderoute said there is government help to cover some of the costs.

“We have access to funding from the provincial government through their Home for Good project,” said Laderoute.

He said they're working with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., where they will access most of the funding.

“We’re looking at what they call a cross-laminated timber wood design, so a renewable resource,” he said.

Zulich donated a large part of the land he owns for the project. He said he’s making Mahood’s vision a reality: building a space for people in need of a home, as well as a place that can offer them services.

“We talked about maybe doing something up on this piece of property that can shine as a beacon of hope. After he passed away, myself and his wife, we’re moving the project forward,” said Zulich.

“We want to help people and we’re going to put those God-given skills that we have to work and help our community. There’s going to be some facilities within the building that could go towards helping those that are in need.”

The goal is to have the housing complex complete by August 2023.