Agape Table asking for donations ahead of Thanksgiving

Staff and volunteers work in the Agape Table kitchen on September 8, 2021. The organization is asking for turkey donations to help feed people for Thanksgiving next month. (CTV News Photo Scott Andersson)

Thanksgiving is more than a month away but one local organization is already asking for support for the big event.

Agape Table serves more than 600 people every year during Thanksgiving and this year they are expecting more than 800 people due to the pandemic.

"Right now, our main focus is making sure that we can provide a nutritious, healthy Thanksgiving meal," said Dave Feniuk, who is the general manager of Agape Table.

Feniuk said they have become known for providing holiday meals and this year they are behind schedule and currently the freezers are empty.

"We're looking for 150 to 200 turkeys to keep up with the demand of the people who are coming in."

The plan this year is to serve turkey, along with potatoes and vegetables, and then finished off with a pumpkin pie.

Due to the pandemic, Agape Table will still not be able to serve meals inside due to restrictions, but Feniuk is hoping to make it as normal as possible.

On top of the turkeys, Feniuk said the organization is always looking for bread donations as well as vegetables.

This year, the Thanksgiving dinner will be served on Oct. 8.

"So our guests can travel, because they migrate from kitchen to kitchen and that way they can feast more times during the weekend."

If anyone is looking to donate, Feniuk said all information can be found on their website.