Airdrie RCMP investigation into alleged kidnapping takes a twist


Airdrie Rural RCMP have concluded an investigation into reports of an attempted kidnapping in Crossfield on July 30 that turned out not to be one.

That day, witnesses said they saw a silver car pull up outside a home in Crossfield with children playing outside and encouraged them to get into the vehicle.

Instead, the children ran inside to get their parents and when they came back outside, the vehicle was gone.

The story circulated on social media over the weekend, including photos of the car and its occupants.

However, those social media posts were seen by the driver of the car who contacted RCMP. They explained that they were looking for an address in the area, not attempting to commit a crime.

Airdrie Rural RCMP are asking that all social media posts regarding this incident be deleted, as an investigation determined the allegations to have been unfounded.