The Calgary Fire Department donated a firetruck, equipped with donations from Firefighters Without Borders, to Corozal, Belize.

Four ambulances and a firetruck donated by various Alberta organizations have arrived in Corozal, Belize.

The equipment arrived on Saturday, says the Edmonton Riverview Rotary Club, which was one of the parties involved in organizing the donation.

"Belize is a third-world country. It's a developing economy," Dr. Roman Bayrock explained the night before the rotary club embarked on a road trip to take the equipment south.

"Emergency services there are very meagre, and there are a number of startups and they are looking for everything."

In an interview with 7 News Belize, the treasurer for the local rotary club in Belize said the donation was a year in the making.

"I think it was in late November or early December of 2018, a member of our club… was discussing in Belize with Dr. Roman Bayrock," said Victor Usher Jr. of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Belize.

"They really worked and put a whole lot of time and effort into it to get it to where we are today."

The ambulances were donated by AHS and serviced by a local Honda dealership, and the firefighting equipment on board the Calgary firetruck was donated by Firefighters Without Borders.

Two ambulances will be deployed to the Belize Emergency Response Team, and the other two to the Southern Emergency Service.