Sydnee Dorion is this year's Champion Child for the Alberta Children's Hospital.

The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation has named its 2020 Champion Child who will serve as an official ambassador for the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Sixteen-year-old Sydnee Doiron was diagnosed with a serious heart condition two years ago.

“When Justine called my mom, all I could remember was my mom bawling and then Justine asked to talk to me and it’s just pretty amazing,” said Doiron.

The teen has received care at both the Alberta Children’s Hospital and in Edmonton, where she underwent cardiac surgery.

Following the operation, she experienced a seizure and massive stroke that left her unable to speak, read or even recognize letters of the alphabet and left her paralyzed on her right side, according to a press release.

Doiron, an avid dancer, was transferred to the Alberta Children’s Hospital where she underwent rehabilitation, having to re-learn "the most basic movement."

“I couldn’t move anything on my right side and I still can’t really move my right hand but I’m working on it,” said Doiron.

“Probably just walking was the biggest one.”

The 2020 Champion Child is part of the Children’s Miracle Network Champions Program, representing the 102, 000 kids and families who rely on the hospital for care each year, according to a press release.

“What’s different about Sydnee are a few things. She is very young but she is also very resilient, very strong,” said Dr. Adam Kirton, paediatric neurologist at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

“She took on those challenges early on and as you can see today a year and a half later she has overcome the vast majority of them."