Three-quarters of Alberta's methane comes from the energy sector, the province says.

The Alberta government says a new deal to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector will help save money and be more effective at cutting down on the production of the greenhouse gas.

The proposal will result in an Alberta-made framework that will meet all the environmental outcomes laid out by the federal government, officials say.

"Nobody is better positioned to manage Alberta’s emissions than Alberta. Reaching a methane equivalency agreement with the federal government is a major step in our continued work to effectively reduce methane emissions, and will help job creators meet our environmental goals while saving money and avoiding unnecessary red tape," said Alberta's Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon in a release.

The province says it aims to reduce methane emissions by 45 per cent from 2014 levels by 2025.

It also recently announced $52 million in investments to support methane reduction programs and create jobs in the sector.

The federal government agreed to Alberta's plan after it learned its methane emission targets were the same as its own.

Alberta, along with Saskatchewan and B.C., all sought to develop their own methane standards in response to industry demands for more flexible regulations.

If those reduction goals are not being met, federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said the regulations may have to be tightened.

Approximately three-quarters of the province's methane emissions come from the oil and gas sector.

The gas is considered to be 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

(With files from the Canadian Press)