Amalgamation plans move forward between Black Diamond and Turner Valley

The southern Alberta towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley could amalgamate if a request is accepted by the province.

Plans to amalgamate the southern Alberta towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley moved forward this week with both councils voting in favour of a number of necessary motions.

Those include the formal submission of the Report on Negotiations to the minister of municipal affairs to proceed with amalgamation between the towns.

The approved motions were:

That council agrees that the Report on Negotiations accurately reflects the results of the negotiations;

That council agrees to approve the Report on Negotiations, as presented, and as recommended by the Joint Friendship Agreement Committee, and;

That council agrees to request that the chief administrative officers from Black Diamond and Turner Valley collaborate to compile the Report on Negotiations, including the certificates of resolutions, and a cover letter signed by both Mayors for submission to the Minister of Municipal Affairs prior to Sept. 15.

The amalgamation process began on Sept. 11, 2020.

“The support we received as we navigated through the process to complete the application is appreciated and the comments provided by our residents helped form the responses and recommendations in the application to the minister," said Black Diamond Mayor Ruth Goodwin.

"The application to amalgamate and a report of recommendations to the minister of municipal affairs has been deemed complete and ready for submission by both individual councils and JFAC.

"We recognize and will support the work that needs to take place in the future to prepare for this transition. A successful transition will require the proactive support and years of experience of our staff. The continuation of the service levels and commitment to community is paramount.”

Turner Valley Mayor Barry Crane called this "a historical moment."

"It is Council’s sincere belief Diamond Valley will prosper, together, as friends, neighbours and as one municipality," he said.

The report will be submitted to the minister for consideration this month.