Ample supply of comedic fuel as Corner Gas Animated delivers final season

After more than 17 years of operating the pumps for all the incarnations of the Corner Gas franchise, creator and star Brent Butt says the final season of Corner Gas Animated, which debuts Monday night on CTV Comedy Channel, is the best season yet.

“All the writers and the actors and producers agree. I think we’ve kind of hit our stride, so expect a lot of funny episodes and very funny cameos,” said Butt.

The show is ending its run of original episodes with a fourth season featuring cameos from a who’s who of Canadian media personalities including, Rick Mercer, Tantoo Cardinal, Simu Liu, Kim Coates, Stephen Page and Mark McKinney, who appears in the season four debut playing as Butt described, “a less-than-reputable pilot.”

“Lacey’s (played by Gabrielle Miller) ambition, her life goal has always been to jump out of a plane, and Wanda’s (played by Nancy Robertson) life goal has always been to push somebody out of a plane. So it comes together and their dreams align.”

Butt said the network decided to end the show’s run after four seasons, but he said he’s nothing but grateful for the opportunities he’s had to develop the show into the success it’s proven itself to be.

“It’ll be what most people think of if they see me or hear my name. If they think anything at all, it’ll be probably, ‘oh that guy from Corner Gas.’ I get that a lot. ‘Hey are you that guy from Corner Gas? Are you that Corner Gas guy? I expect that will always be the case and if that’s my legacy, I couldn’t be prouder.”

Butt told CTV Morning Live he currently has no plans to do anything else within the Corner Gas universe, but he hasn’t written off the possibility.

“Long ago, I learned never to say I’m done with this show. It’s got a life of its own. It’s like a zombie or a mummy. It keeps coming out of the dirt.”

The first episode of Corner Gas Animated’s final season airs Monday at 7 p.m. CT on CTV Comedy Channel.