Another holiday pop-up vaccine clinic in Timmins gives people time to get their first or second doses

The July 1 pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Timmins' Hollinger Park ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Porcupine Health Unit hosted it in conjunction with Cochrane Emergency Medical Services. With many people having the day off, officials say the clinic gave people time to get either their first or second dose of vaccine. (Lydia Chubak/CTV News)

Hollinger Park in Timmins has been the location of many types of events: Canada Day celebrations, large concerts and Indigenous gatherings.

On this July 1, the only banner on display was one to let people know that a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic was taking place.

The clinic offered Moderna vaccine to adults and Pfizer to youths. Some people drove in from other towns just for the convenience of this particular clinic.

“There was one about a month and a half ago, but the next one won’t be for me till August so I figured I’d get it done now while I’m in town," said Daniel Leduc from Gogama.

Others said they just want to be done with the pandemic already.

“If everybody just did their part and we all follow the procedures, we should be able to have it all gone," said Peter Esposito from Timmins.

While there are no fireworks planned in Hollinger Park this year, a cause for celebration from the Porcupine Health Unit's perspective would be a higher vaccination rate within the region.

“We do want to reach a better herd immunity for our community," said Chantal Riopel, chief nursing officer for the Porcupine Health Unit. "So we are encouraging people to still come out. Seventy-four per cent for first and 54 per cent for second is really good, but we need more so that we can better protect our communities.”

To get more people vaccinated, the health unit is hosting a sensory friendly clinic at Covenant United Church on Tuesday.

"Anybody, you know, (who) has sensitivities to noise or sound or who you know are anxious with new environments ... so these clinics will be more conducive to people who those sensitivities," said Riopel.

Vaccine clinics for first and second doses will continue for the rest of this week: Metro grocery store on Friday and the Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area (Participark) on Saturday.