Still no sign of average or cooler-than-average temperatures in the forecast.

Edmonton had highs of 0 Saturday and -1 Sunday.  AND...that's about as "cool" as it's going to get for a while.

We're expecting to bounce back to the 3 to 5 degree range today with a mix of sun & cloud and light wind.

Temperatures will top out in the 2 degree range Tuesday and then around 0 for Wed/Thu/Fri afternoons.


The long-range outlook has another rebound with highs in the 2 to 5 degree range next week.

BUT...last week we mentioned signs of some colder weather starting to move in around the 20th.

That's starting to look more & more likely with that cooling trend carrying through the end of the month.


So, we'll get through the middle of January without a significant cold snap.  But, we probably won't get through to the end of January with some cold weather.


As for precipitation, there's a risk of some flurries or snow hitting the Edmonton region Wednesday morning.

As of right now, it's only a low to moderate chance of seeing any of that snow in the city.

If we do, it'll likely be between a dusting and 3 cm.  It appears anything heavier than that is unlikely.



  • Today - Mix of sun & cloud.
  • High:  4
  • Tonight - Cloudy periods.
  • 9pm:  -1 
  • Tuesday - Partly cloudy in the morning.
  • Increasing cloud through the afternoon.
  • Morning Low:  -5
  • Afternoon High:  2
  • Temperature steady in the 0 to 2 degree range overnight.
  • Wednesday - Cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries or light snow in the morning.
  • Clearing & cooling in the afternoon.
  • Wind:  WNW 20-30 with gusts in the 50 km/h range.
  • Morning:  3
  • Afternoon:  0
  • Thursday - Mainly sunny.
  • Morning Low:  -3
  • Afternoon High:  1
  • Friday - Mostly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -10
  • Afternoon High:  0
  • Saturday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -2
  • Afternoon High:  2