Another round of severe storms headed for Sask.

Storms have been rolling through the province all week, and as we head into Thursday the story is no different. Atmospheric conditions are ripe for another round of storms across the province, with the most severe potentially looking to impact southern Saskatchewan, particularly south of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Now, there are a few variables with these systems moving through which could see conditions shift a little to the east or a little to the west. But, there is one thing that is not variable, and that is the fact that in the areas where the most severe storms hit communities could see large hail, torrential downpours, gusting winds and the potential for tornadoes.

You can call it the calm before the next storm! Tracking how a trough in the upper atmosphere and a low in the US are bringing the likelihood of heavy rain and storms through Sask tomorrow into Friday. Tonight we are monitoring how storms develop in SW Sask. #SKStorm @CTVRegina

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) June 9, 2021

So, what’s happening? Well, there are a few pieces that are coming together out there in the atmosphere to help with the convective potential. First of all, a trough in the upper atmosphere is slumping into the province, helping to bring unsettled conditions.

But the major weather maker for this system is a low moving through Montana at the surface. This low has been sending a trough through Alberta that will move into Saskatchewan throughout the day.

It's turning out to be a stormy week ��️

Here is the outlook valid Thursday from noon to midnight.

Tennis ball sized hail, winds > 100 km/h and a risk of an isolated tornado are possible with slow-moving thunderstorms in the afternoon #skstorm

— ECCC Weather Saskatchewan (@ECCCWeatherSK) June 9, 2021

Through the morning and into the afternoon, an area of precipitation moves up through Saskatoon, and some of that may trickle down towards Regina, bringing a few scattered showers. After that, an area of heavy precipitation moves into eastern Saskatchewan.

Currently, this looks to bring heavy rain to an area stretching from Weyburn through Regina, up to Yorkton and La Ronge. Some areas could see upwards of 75 millimetres of rainfall with this system. The southern stretch of this also looks to have the potential for severe thunderstorms.

Heading into Thursday and Friday we are watching for heavy rain and the potential for thunderstorms. Most of the storms look to be through southern Sask, but heavy rain could stretch across the east along a trough from a low that will move through Montana. #SKStorm @CTVRegina

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) June 10, 2021

Now, that’s not to say that other regions won’t see heavy rain. As thunderstorms develop, many regions in southern Saskatchewan do have the potential for torrential rain under severe storms. A few supercells may be likely as well as, again, the threat of tornadoes.

These storms can cause severely damaging conditions, so if you hear or see threatening weather make sure you seek shelter.

Stay safe out there everyone.