Appeal of 'dangerous' label for dog deemed responsible for fatal dog daycare attack denied by city

A dog believed to be responsible for the deaths of two other dogs at a Winnipeg dog daycare will have a dangerous designation for life.

Following a hearing that lasted 90 minutes Monday morning, the protection and community services committee denied an appeal of the label.

The committee heard on May 7 two smaller dogs, Rocky and Tango, were killed at Pooches Playhouse, a dog daycare.

Obi, a Siberian Husky, was deemed responsible for the attack.

The designation means Obi must have a leash shorter than six feet and wear a muzzle in public.

The committee also heard a week before the incident, Obi snapped at other dogs at the daycare.

Leland Gordon, the city’s head of animal services, said the dogs were briefly unattended when the incident occurred.

The owners of all the dogs involved said they feel more oversight and regulations are needed for dog daycares.

Following the two deaths, Pooches Playhouse sent CTV News a statement saying it was now separating dogs by size.