'Art is just so therapeutic': Free Little Art Gallery showcasing miniature works

A Waterloo woman has set up an art gallery with a twist in her neighbourhood, showcasing miniature pieces created by local artists.

The project is called the Free Little Art Gallery.

The actual gallery is a large white display case on the side of the road on Winter Green Drive filled with miniature painted pictures, sculptures and other pieces of art.

“You can leave a piece of your own art or you can take a piece of art or you can do both,” said Meredith Sexton, the creator of the Free Little Art Gallery.

Sexton said her husband built the display box and put it up in August. Since then it has been a popular place for artists to promote their work. Not just local creators have been contributing.

“As far away as Cambridge and Toronto. I’ve got art coming from Sweden soon,” Sexton said.

Waterloo-based artist Melissa Fitzgerald is one of the artists featured in the gallery.

“To have an in-person hands-on experience with art that’s free has been fantastic,” said Fitzgerald.

Sexton said she has received a lot of positive feedback about the project, which is also gaining a lot of attention on social media.

“I feel that now more than ever art is just so therapeutic,” said Sexton.

The goal is to have the Free Little Art Gallery up and running year-round on Winter Green Drive, weather permitting.