'As a young Metis girl I had to do something': 8-year-old to place collected stuffies and shoes at Ingersoll church

When 8-year-old Fae Marshall heard the news about the 215 child victims discovered at the Kamloops Residential School she knew she needed to do something.

“My almost 9-year-old is a mini activist and is of Metis decent herself,” wrote Fae’s mother Patricia on Facebook. “She was at a loss when she saw the news of the discovery and needed to do something.”

So Fae began her mission to collect up to 215 stuffies and pairs of shoes to be placed at the doorstep of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ingersoll, Ont.

Fae and her mother have actively been going around the neighbourhood with a wagon making their collection.

Just before 2 p.m. Friday they will deliver the items to the church and hold a ceremony including 215 seconds of silence at 2:15 p.m. to honour the victims.

“It hurt our hearts, we wanted to help,” said Fae in a prepared statement for Friday’s ceremony. “We saw the memorials on TV happening but nothing in Ingersoll. As a young Metis girl I had to do something.”

Fae will also be delivering a poem at the memorial.

Following the ceremony any of the donated items that are deemed to be in good condition will be taken to Atlosha in London.

Anyone who wishes to join the ceremony is welcome, and additional donations are welcome at the church as well.

Fae’s activism does not end with today’s event.

She is starting a fundraiser Monday for the Nesktantga First Nations, a community with the longest contaminated water ban in Canada.

She will be selling car stickers made by a family friend.

The ceremony at Sacred Heart Catholic Church will begin at 1:50 p.m.