A sign on Keats Way in Waterloo put up by the region to let the public know about the automated speed enforcement unit set to be installed. (Dan Lauckner - CTV Kitchener) (Jan. 5, 2020)

There will be several automated speed enforcement (ASE) units installed around a handful of Waterloo Region schools within the next few months.

The region announced on Tuesday that signs will be going up in the areas this week to let the public know about the incoming machines that could be issuing tickets in 90 days.

The eight schools that will be receiving the ASE units are:

  • Cedar Creek Public School, Hilltop Drive, North Dumfries
  • Foundation Christian School, Katherine Street, Woolwich Township
  • Franklin Avenue Public School, Franklin Avenue, Kitchener
  • Keatsway Public School, Keats Way, Waterloo
  • Laurentian Public School, Westmount Road, Kitchener
  • New Dundee Public School, Bridge Street, Wilmot Township
  • St. Clements Public School, Lobsinger Line, Wellesley Township
  • St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary, Guelph Avenue, Cambridge

The region says these schools were chosen to receive the first wave of ASE after years of working with area municipalities on ways to reduce speeding in school zones.

“Automated speed enforcement is about safety,” said Regional Chair Karen Redman in a statement. “Using this technology will enhance safety for all road users, especially our residents using active transportation including walking and cycling to and from school.”

ASE uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help reduce speed in identified areas by capturing and recording images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted limit.

The Region of Waterloo will be responsible for issuing fines from violations caught on the machines, just like with red light cameras.