B.C. resident fined for attracting wildlife with tuna, hot dogs

A B.C. conservation officer on Vancouver Island. (CTV News)

Someone in Metro Vancouver has been slapped with a $230 fine for "attracting dangerous wildlife" by leaving hot dogs, tuna, and pet food out on their property, according to the BC Conservation Officer Service.

In a Facebook post Monday, the service said this comes amid "reports of increasing coyote encounters" in and around Port Moody. 

"Attractants can lure dangerous wildlife, such as bears and coyotes, into communities and into conflict, creating a risk to public safety," the post says, adding unsecured garbage and compost can also draw animals to residential properties.

The fine was issued for violating the BC Wildlife Act. The offence of attracting dangerous wildlife includes intentionally feeding or attempting to feed wild animals. It also includes the less deliberate act of "leaving or placing" an attractant somewhere it could be "accessible to dangerous wildlife." The Act also allows officers to issue a $230 fine "for each day the offence continues."

As the weather warms, the service is urging people to brush up on tips for staying safe and avoiding conflict with wildlife.

It is also reminding people to report feeding of wildlife by calling 1-877-952-7277.