Baby falcon alert: A second egg has hatched at CTV Kitchener

Two baby falcons are now living high above the CTV Kitchener studios, after a second egg hatched Tuesday.

On Monday our Falcon Cam captured the first hatchling moving around in the nest, on Tuesday another chick joined it.

The babies are right on time. Experts CTV Kitchener previously spoke to expected the eggs to begin hatching in May.

Peregrine falcons have been nesting in the microwave tower at our station on King Street West since 2012.

The latest pair are unbanded and have not yet been named.

Four eggs have been spotted in their nest, including the two that have now hatched.

If the others eggs are fertile they’re expected to hatch by Wednesday.

Mark Nash of the Canadian Peregrine Falcon Foundation said it’s an exciting time but there’s also reason for caution.

“The young fledglings starting to take their first flights typically don't do very well on their maiden voyages,” Nash said. “And it's kind of surprising to many people, given the peregrine falcon is the F-16 jet fighter plane bird of the sky, by far the fastest animal on this planet. This bird, in an adult capable form, can achieve diving speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour.”

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