Zoey Waters in an undated photo. (Source: Facebook)

It is not the news a Baden family wanted to hear.

18-year-old Zoey Waters has been in hospital since December 17th, when she was involved in a head-on-crash on Highway 6 north of Arthur.

In an update on a fundraising page for Waters, those close to the family say they’ve learned her condition is far worse than they could hope for.

She has three major injuries to her brain that are incurable.

In the post, her family says “Today, We as a family, had to make a decision of life, which we looked through her eyes, to see how this outcome will affect her! Keeping her alive, she would probably be bed ridden with no function... have no life to live. Although it being the hardest thing to decide we know it’s for the best!”

It went on to say that end of life celebrations will be updated in the days to come.

An avid horseback rider, the 18-year-old was on her way to the barn, the morning of the crash.