Balloon passenger taken to hospital after post-landing accident

A hot air balloon passenger was taken to hospital with minor injuries after the balloon's basket tipped over after landing. 

Sundance Balloons says a hot air balloon pilot and 10 passengers were on a sightseeing flight Monday night over Edmonton before landing at approximately 8:15 p.m. near 62 Avenue and 215 Street in Edmonton.

The company says while the passengers were waiting for the balloon to deflate the wind shifted, tilting the basket and causing two of the passengers to fall out. 

The company says the landing was "routine" and that post-landing accidents are rare.

"The ballon came in to land, made contact with the ground, everything was fine," said Jeff Chatterton with Sundance Ballons.

"As they began to deflate the wind actually shifted, which is just a complete freak of time and nature." 

Alberta Health Services told CTV News that a woman in her late 60s was taken to hospital with a broken arm.

The company says nobody else was injured.