Ballot Box: One-stop shop for Ontario election news

Ballot Box, CTV News Toronto's newest podcast, acts as your one-stop shop for all the news you need to know from the campaign trail.

Leading up to June’s election, Ontario residents can expect to be inundated with political messaging from candidates and party leaders all vying for their vote.

These politicians will be travelling all across the province to shake hands, stand at podiums and deliver carefully crafted remarks paired with targeted attacks against their opponents—all in the name of democracy.

The sheer volume of information being shoved in voters’ faces may seem overwhelming, but CTV News Toronto’s newest podcast Ballot Box is here to help.

Ballot Box will act as a one-stop shop for news from the campaign trail. Every Friday, hosts Hannah Alberga and Katherine DeClerq—two multi-platform journalists with vast experience covering local and provincial news—along with a few special guests, will break down what voters actually need to know. The episodes will explain the promises and politics while also touching on the punches thrown over the next four weeks leading up to election day.

The first episode of Ballot Box will air on May 6 first on the iHeart radio app before becoming available on other streaming platforms.