(Terry Kelly / CTV Kitchener)

A person has been saved $5,000 after Guelph police and a bank employee worked together to prevent a case of fraud.

Police were contacted shortly before 1 p.m. Monday by an employee of a bank on Woodlawn Road who said a distraught female had entered the branch.

The female was claiming that she was being threatened and need to withdrawal $5,000 immediately.

The male on the other end of her cell phone call was telling her that her bank account had been compromised, thatit would be frozen unless the requested money was taken out, and that he would provide further information after that.

The bank employee tried to convince the female that it was a fraud and contacted police for help. The communicator for Guelph police was able to convince her to hang up and not withdraw the cash.

Officers tried to call back the number of the suspect, but they say the number was untraceable and internet-based.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact Guelph Police Service.