The Barrie Colts are trying something new this year off the ice, and it's catching the attention of many hockey fans.

The team has launched a weekly podcast, 'Keeping up with the Colts." The 30-minute show will focus on everything from game highlights to personal stories about the players.

The Colts are the first team in the OHL to do this. Michael Raskin and Brad Terry are behind the podcast.

Terry says it works because "people love the Barrie Colts. The more information we can get out to them, the more they are going to take in."

He also says the podcast "gives the team a new platform and the players more exposure."

After taping this week's episode, Raskin says, "They just want to connect the team with its fans."

And so far, it's working. The first week the podcast received only a few hundred downloads, but they have climbed into the thousands with that number expected to grow as the season moves on.

Eventually, the team will look at ways of generating revenue through the podcast, but for now, it's all about connecting with people.

The podcast can be downloaded on Spotify and Apple music.