Barrie Kettle Campaign falling short of $625,000 campaign goal

Christmas is just around the corner, and the Salvation Army's Kettle Campaign is falling short of its $625,000 goal in Barrie.

The money raised is used to help those less fortunate during the holiday season.

"Our meal program has increased over last year over 38,000 meals in the same period, so this is really showing a need in our community," says Major Stephanie Watkinson, executive director of the Salvation Army.

The Christmas Cheer fundraiser is also worried about the lack of donations.

The president of Christmas Cheer, Cindy Tonn, says she's "never been this low" regarding the donations received this year.

According to Tonn, they've only raised $65,000, a fraction of their $250,000 goal, making them the second organization, along with the Salvation Army, to fall short of their targets.

Tonn mentions she would "like to increase the amount" they can give to families this year, but that it depends on the amount they receive.