Barrie Pride crosswalk 'intentionally' vandalized yet again

Black tire marks damaged the Pride crosswalk in Barrie, Ont. (Barrie Police Services)

Barrie police are investigating what they believe is a deliberate act of vandalism to the city's Pride crosswalk.

Police say black tire tracks marked the rainbow crosswalk on Simcoe Street likely sometime on Thursday or Friday last week.

"We believe it was intentional damage, as the marks are quite clear, compared to the normal wear and tear on the road," Barrie Police Services said in an email to CTV News.

Barrie Pride said it believes, like police, that the vandalism was not a random act.

"There are over 1,000 kilometres of streets in Barrie. It would be statistically unsound to state that the only Rainbow Crosswalk was randomly vandalized as it is only 20 feet of the cities streets," said Jessie F. Lawson, Barrie Pride founder and executive director.

This isn't the first time someone vandalized the Pride crosswalk since it was installed two years ago.

Police ask anyone with information to contact them via email or by calling 705-725-7025 ext. 2550.