Bashor residence declared Edmonton’s 78th historic home

A family home of 63 years has been declared an Edmonton municipal heritage resource on June 22.

The Bashor residence located 108 Avenue and 125 Street, housed three generations over those decades. 

“When Archibald and Mabel Bashor moved into their Westmount home in 1925, it was unlikely they knew it would be a house that would be passed down through the generations,” read a release by the City of Edmonton.

Mr. and Mrs. Bashor relocated from the United States and moved into the Edmonton home in 1910. One of their two daughters took ownership of the house in 1953, where they lived until 1987.

“It’s rare to find a house that has housed three generations of the same family. It must have been much loved by the Bashors and their daughters,” said Heritage Planner David Johnston. “The new owners also respect that history which is why they sought this heritage designation.”

The Bashor residence is a 1 1/2 storey Craftsman style home featuring wood elements, said a release. The current home owner, Kelly Deis, bought the home in 2008 prior to knowing the property belonged to a family of three generations.

Deis saw the sentimental value the home held when one of the daughters asked to see the home in 2010.

“We felt we were stewards of an old home and we think they are part of Edmonton’s history,” she said.

The home owner applied to have the house designated a municipal historic resource, receiving a grant of $75,000 to preserve the home. Restorations are expected to take three years.

Edmonton’s Historic Resource Management Plan contains 24 policies and 88 actions to preserve the city’s heritage. The plan was initiated in 1985 and has since designated 167 properties to preserve.

The Bashor residence is the 78th home in Edmonton under the program and the 17th in Westmount.

More on the historic homes can be found online.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Dan Grummett