SAULT STE. MARIE – The second annual Battle of the Minds tournament is taking place in Sault Ste. Mare this weekend.

Chess players ranging in age from seven to 68 are taking part in the tournament hosted by the Twin City Chess Club.

The popularity of the young club has attracted players from all over the north, southern Ontario and Michigan to take part in the tournament.

The tournament has doubled in size since last year and organizers say chess is a game for everyone.

"A lot of my friends today are because of chess or otherwise because of the age gap, we wouldn't have got together or even maybe the cultures. So I love how chess brings the kids together and adults together of all ages," said Jeff Primeau, tournament organizer.

"I really like how you have to think about it, and I like having things that you have to really think. I don't like going easy about stuff," said Niyati Patel, chess player.

Each player is guaranteed seven matches over the weekend and each division winner will be going home with a cash prize.