Bear climbing hydro pole prompts brief power outage in Manitoba community

Source: Manitoba Hydro/Twitter

A small bear is back safe and sound with its mom after going for a climb on a Hydro pole Tuesday morning.

Manitoba Hydro said on Twitter that the bear climbed a pole near Petersfield this morning.

Hydro wanted to ensure the bear was safe so it turned the power off in the area, which affected around 230 customers.

Hydro said once the power was off, people watching the scene were told to give the bear some space and it slowly made its way down the pole.

Once off, it ran away into the bush and appeared to climb another tree, with Hydro saying it went back to its mom.

A small bear climbed a Hydro pole near Petersfield this morning �� We took an #mboutage to 230 customers in the area to protect the bear from the high voltage lines. Once we instructed spectators to give it space, it came down on its own and romped back to the bush to its momma.

— Manitoba Hydro (@manitobahydro) October 5, 2021