'Beautiful bunch' of senior cats looking for homes after being surrendered to BC SPCA


A dozen 16-year-old Himalayan cats that were surrendered to the BC SPCA are facing some significant health challenges but they're warming up to the staff – and capturing the hearts of the society's supporters.

The cats were brought to the Sea-to-Sky Branch last week in rough shape. They were underweight with matted fur, skin infections and serious dental issues.

"Any medical concerns are always a worry, but when it is with older cats it is even more so, and we are doing our utmost to give the cats the best care possible," said manager Krista Larson in an email update.

Ten of the 12 cats will need expensive dental work, the majority need to be spayed, some are suffering from kidney issues, others have upper respiratory problems and all of them will need to have blood work done repeatedly.

Still, Larson says the seniors are showing real resilience even if they were a little "grumpy" when they first arrived.

"We are seeing the shyer cats becoming more trusting. Now, in the mornings, the larger group of eight are waiting for us at the door to the cat room. They give us a big greeting when we go into the room, but they also know that their morning wet food is on its way," she writes.

"We like to think they are more excited to see us."

An outpouring of support has come in the form of donations and offers to foster or adopt the cats.

"The response from the public has been so positive and people want to help this beautiful bunch in any way they can," Larson writes.

Although no one is expected to adopt the entire group, Larson says they are all very bonded and will need to be adopted in pairs.

More information on how to donate to the care of or apply to adopt these cats can be found online.