Beers and ballots: Edmonton teen celebrates 18th birthday by voting before Whyte Ave

The municipal election landed on the perfect day for a west Edmonton teen.

Fynn Woodard turned 18 on Oct. 18 -- and was able to vote for the first time.

“Talk about amazing timing. I’ve always been a political person my entire life. I've always been excited to get into the political process. I wish I could have done it sooner,” Woodard said outside of his Ormsby polling station.

Voter turnout in the 2017 municipal election was just 31.5 per cent. A breakdown by age is not available.

However, in the 2019 provincial vote, Elections Alberta found turnout was lowest amongst young people, with only 38 per cent of 18-year-olds bothering to cast a ballot. The general voter turnout in that election was 64 per cent.

Woodard said most of his friends, who have turned 18, don’t vote.

“There’s a lot of kids out here who like to throw out their opinions but don’t necessarily spend the time to go out to the polls,” he said.

“I do actually have a lot of hope with this upcoming generation, with all the young faces that want to be involved in politics.”

Woodard did his research and even attended campaign events to meet some of the candidates.

But the day was not all about politics for him; he’ll also be celebrating adulthood like many young adults do.

“Whyte Ave, I'm coming for it. What can I say?” he laughed.