Benefits of owning a rain barrel

Rain barrels are a great way to capture rain off your roof to keep your gardens and plants watered, and at this time of year, many groups and organizations sell rain barrels to raise money to support their various programs.

There are four groups in the Barrie area selling the barrels, including Living Green Barrie.

Rain barrels have several benefits. They not only save you money, but the water is much better for your plants than the water that comes from your tap because rainwater doesn’t contain fluoride or chlorine.

For every $65 rain barrel, $10 will go towards the organization of your choice.

Living Green Barrie will use the money for its 10,000 Trees For Barrie program. Order here.

Living Green Barrie hosts monthly educational events. On April 15, enjoy a free webinar called, An Introduction to Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens.

Other groups selling rain barrels include:

Cundles Heights
Camp TewatenoCamp Tewateno Optimist Club
Seeds for Eco Communities