A deep freeze in Calgary is not out of the normal, but the dangers that come with it can settle in quickly.

Paramedics say with colder weather, there are increased collisions and more people spending time outdoors.

An EMS spokesperson says you must be prepared.

"Basic driving gloves or normal footwear are not going to cut it," said Stuart Brideaux, public education officer with Alberta Health Services.

"You are going to have to have better insulated gloves even for driving and appropriate footwear if you’re going to be out and about."

If skin is left exposed, frostbite can settle in within minutes.

"Those fingertips, nose, earlobes and high points on the cheek are all the more susceptible," said Brideaux.

EMS say seniors and children are at the most risk when facing the elements.

Overnight lows are expected to be in the -20s and -30s in and around Calgary, with windchills taking those factors higher.

The Calgary Humane Society says if you are cold outside, imagine how your pet must feel.

"If you’re taking your pets for a walk, consider protection for their paws," said spokesperson Jessica Bohrson.

"If they are (a) small breed or short fur, consider a winter jacket as well."

Bohrson says any walks should be short and limited.

"Ideally we would just like to have animals kept inside when it is his cold," she said.

Anyone who witnesses neglect of an animal in extreme temperatures, is asked to contact the society with their concerns.