Black Fox Farm and Distillery held an event to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Canada.

An unusual event with prestigious names on the invite list and plenty of gin to go around was held this weekend at the Black Fox Farm and Distillery outside Saskatoon.

The farm’s owners held a “G and Tea” event to welcome Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to Canada.

"We thought we’d invite them out," Barb Stefanyshyn-Hote, co-owner of the Black Fox said. "As proper British citizens we thought they would enjoy a proper gin and tonic."

Six different gins were available and 15 flavours of tonic were on offer, paired with traditional tea time treats.

Each guest in attendance was presented with a "Meghan" or "Harry" nametag, but the famous couple themselves were not in attendance on Saturday.

"I assume they’re busy, but we do have room for them if they show up," Stefanyshyn-Hote said jokingly. "We thought it would be something fun. We do make a lot of gin, and gin is well known as one of the drinks of choice over in Britain."

The Duke and Duchess recently stepped back from the Royal Family and moved part-time to Canada.