Blankets of Love Foundation donates over 60 quilts to Saskatoon mental health patients

The Blankets of Love Foundation donated over 60 quilts to the Irene and Leslie Dube Centre in Saskatoon on Sept. 8, 2021. (Miriam Valdes-Carletti/CTV Saskatoon)

A mental health clinic in Saskatoon has received a special gift from the local chapter of the Blankets of Love Foundation, an organization that provides quilts to mental health patients.

The foundation brought over 60 quilts to the Irene and Leslie Dube Centre for Mental Health on Wednesday afternoon.

Saskatoon quilter Flo Wagner said they begin to collect blankets at the start of the summer and have received them from all over the province.

“It has been a national program for quite some time, but we haven’t had a branch here in Saskatoon, so this is the first (donation) for the Dube Centre,” Wagner told CTV News.

Wagner said she’s happy to be a part of a good cause.

“Especially during this pandemic, a lot of us felt isolated and lonely and I can only imagine how it felt if you were already coping with depression or anxiety, so I think that these quilts are meant to be a gift of hope or support,” she said.

Scott Bobowski, director of mental health inpatient acute services at Royal University Hospital, said the centre was excited to be chosen for the national project.

“It’s very trying times for our patients most days, so this is a really nice way for them to be reminded that there are people out there putting efforts towards them and mental health as a whole,” Bobowski said.

Bobowski said mental health is something everyone needs to be aware of and it impacts people in different ways.

“The more that we can do to support that and be educated and knowledgeable and reach out and get that support when we need, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, and that way we continue to get well and be better,” he said.

Wagner said Blankets of Love is already looking to collect 100 quilts for the Christmas season for its second donation to the Dube Centre.

Anyone who can’t give a quilt, but still wants to contribute, can make a donation to the Blankets of Love Foundation

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