Block-by-block numbering system replaces existing zones in Downtown Winnipeg

The city's block-by-block parking system replaces existing zones. (Source: CTV News/Karen Mitchell)

A pilot project testing new signage in the Exchange District isn’t the only change to Winnipeg’s parking system.

On June 22, the Winnipeg Parking Authority started to implement a block-by-block numbering system for its PayByPhone payment app. A new six-digit numbering system replaces the four-digit parking zone structure.

The new parking system applies to paid on-street zones Downtown, the Exchange District, the West End, and hospital zones.

Each block face – which the city defines as the specific side of the street between two intersections – has a six-digit number unique to the location.

New signage has been installed using the new numbering system. The PayByPhone app also has a new map feature to help customers identify their location number.

The city said the change will provide more data on parking demand and inventory, which will assist with planning and could enable future enhancements like real-time parking availability.

According to the city’s website, drivers who pay using incorrect location numbers will be given a warning and brochure about the new system. Paying for parking using the old four-digit system will be accepted until September.

The city said there’s no change to PayByPhone accounts aside from entering new location numbers, and payment will still be accepted at pay stations.

The city’s website notes there is no change in hourly parking rates under the new system.