Blue Mountain scrambles to prepare for reopening

Blue Mountain businesses are preparing for stage 1 of reopening on Friday.

Delivery trucks heavy with fresh food and beverages lined up outside the village as businesses at Blue Mountain scramble to stock up before the province begins to reopen.

"Bringing in inventory, not just for us, but for the restaurants and logistics for the past year, have been difficult already, so when you throw in a short time crunch, it just makes things that much more exciting, we'll say," said Jeff Meakings the

Aside from products, businesses need employees as well.

The resort is hosting an outdoor in-person job fair Thursday to try and fill dozens of job openings.

"Normally, we begin our recruit in February to fill all of our vacancies for the Summer this year, though, with the uncertainty of what business will be open, we needed to start the recruit later," said Jen Bailey, Human Resources manager for Blue Mountain Resort.

According to the resort, they need people to start work, and or training, as soon as the attractions ramp up.

In Downtown Collingwood, Ont., businesses are also looking to attract employees.

"It's hard to hire younger people in the service industry. This last year has made it real tough, and I think the scare of other lockdowns ales people apprehensive to want to come in and apply," said Stephen Walker, the founder and owner of 1858 Caesar Bar.

Walker said he's looking for around 20 new employees.

On Thursday, the Job Fair starts at 1:30 pm at the base of the gondola in the Blue Mountain village.