A morning walk for a Saskatoon senior in the College Park neighbourhood ended with a visit to Royal University Hospital for two black eyes and four stitches.

Marcia Provenzano, 66, submitted a letter to the city's transportation committee outlining a painful experience she suffered after tripping over a block heater extension cord laying across the sidewalk.

"I landed hard on my arm and face on an open portion of the walk and suffered bruising and a deep abrasion above my left eye," Provenzano said in the letter.

According to Provenzano, the city's electrical equipment bylaw states that people can use extension cords across a sidewalk provided they are plugged in and not left in a "haphazard manner."

Provenzano feels the word “haphazard” leaves too much leeway in the interpretation of the bylaw, especially when dealing with the "ephemeral nature of an extension cord being placed across a city sidewalk."

"In the winter, a night snowfall might conceal the cord from view and snare a passerby," she said, adding street lighting is often uneven and shadows from a parked vehicle can make a cord much less visible, especially if the cord is a light colour.

Cords placed across a city sidewalk "should be marked or otherwise made visible to pedestrians … even something as simple as a couple of lengths of orange surveyor's tape on the cord would make it more conspicuous and draw a passing pedestrian's attention," she said.

She wants the city to amend the electrical equipment bylaw to say that extension cords crossing a sidewalk should be marked in such a way to draw the attention of a passing pedestrian.

The transportation committee will receive Provenzano's letter Monday afternoon.