Brandon University released a statement Friday afternoon regarding a "compromised nursing exam" that hit the school in early January.

"We will be considering important changes to our admissions criteria, curriculum delivery, and student evaluation processes in Health Studies," the school said in a statement.

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Students in the second year nursing program were accused of academic dishonesty after taking a final exam.

The president of the student union at the school previously told CTV News that students said they found resources online which aided them in the test.

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The school said in its statement, the test had been prepared using a test bank which is provided by a textbook publisher and the school believed it was for faculty use only.

"Unfortunately, today’s technology means that pirated versions of these exams and Test Banks can be found for sale online. This compromised exam and its Test Bank was purchased on a website specifically devoted to the sale of such materials, then circulated and made available to students in the class,” the statement reads.

“The investigation discovered that students used the Test Bank questions they had obtained to prepare for their class exam expecting, and then finding, the questions to be the same. Other students declined to make use of the Test Bank."

Students were given the chance to retake the exam, with penalty applied to the final mark.

The school said Friday all students re-wrote the exam and all students passed, adding penalties might be adjusted for individual circumstances.

The university said to be fair during its investigation it remained quiet and that it regrets that the silence allowed for "rumours to circulate in the community and online.”

The school has said it has had productive and positive discussions with students and staff and it is aiming to "de-centre the longstanding focus on grades as the sole measure of student performance."

"New criteria will be used to expand our consideration of the full measure of each student as a whole person, starting with their admission, which may include personal interviews and portfolios."

Brandon University also said it will refocus on professionalism, ethics, collaboration, team building, and empathy. 

-- with files from CTV's Josh Crabb