Brandon University to continue with 'strong precautions' against COVID-19 in 2022


When next semester comes into effect next year at Brandon University, not much is expected to change.

The school said it is going to continue with its "strong precautions" to protect students and staff against COVID-19 in the winter semester, which starts in January 2022.

"We're on the more cautious side, and we are not apologetic about that. We have seen a successful Fall Term, we know this has been working and we believe this is a roadmap for a successful Winter Term," said Dr. David Docherty, the president of the university, in a statement.

With school staying as status quo, it means classes of 25 or fewer people will be held in person and larger classes will be held online.

The school added there is one change to that rule as classes larger than 25 can be held in person if a professor requests it, there are reasons that support the decision, and physical distancing can be maintained.

Physical distancing, indoor mask-wearing, and proof of vaccination will all be required at the campus.

"We know how important certainty is for everyone at BU, and throughout the pandemic we have striven to outline plans that we can stick to, making changes only when we believe they are firmly supported and that we can be confident in them," the president said. "There's been enough uncertainty and our goal is to deliver another safe term of learning and working with no surprises."

The school will also allow some events to be held on campus like meetings for community groups, as long as all members follow the school's rules.