A new product at Milk and Cookies Bakeshop in Edmonton is reducing waste and supporting local mental health organizations.

'Cake Scraps in a Sad Box' uses the trimmed-off tops of cakes and extra fillings and buttercream to create a new treat.

"We really are into reducing our waste at the bakery, so we use all paper bags, we try not to use any plastic when possible, and we were just sad that we kept having to like throw these scraps in the garbage," owner Rachelle Germain said on CTV Morning Live Edmonton. "We thought, they're perfectly good and they're delicious and people should be eating them."

The response since the launch in September has been very positive, and demand is exceeding their supply of the repurposed leftovers.

The bakery is donating $1 from each sale to a mental health organization in the Edmonton area.  Beginning in September, the money will be given to In the Weeds, a group working to create healthy and safe working environments for people in the hospitality industry.

A new organization will be selected every three months.