Calgarian claims Western 649 jackpot, prize proves large enough to convince wife out of bed

Calgarian John Kruse won just over $2 million in the June 2 Western 649 draw. (WCLC)

A Calgary couple has started planning for an upcoming trip to Mexico after their lottery numbers proved to be winners in the June 2 Western 649 draw.

John Kruse discovered he had won slightly more than $2 million in the draw after checking his numbers early in the morning using the Lotto Spot! app. When he woke his wife to tell her of their windfall, she set out parameters of what it would take to get her out of bed.

"It's funny because she said she wasn't going to wake up for anything less than $1,000," said Kruse in a statement. "She got up pretty quickly when I told her we won a million dollars."

The winning ticket had been purchased at Young's Variety Shop in Village Square Mall in northeast Calgary and the numbers were selected using family birthdays and other important dates.

Kruse says they plan to share some of their winnings with family and also travel to Mexico.