Calgary doctor who ignored complaints found guilty of unprofessional conduct by CPSA

File photo. (CTV)

After refusing to respond to allegations about his medical practice and conduct for two years, a Calgary doctor has been found guilty by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA).

Proceedings against Dr. Hasan Hafiz, who operated a clinic in northwest Calgary, began on Feb. 12, 2020, when he ignored a request from the CPSA's continuing competence department for an individual practice review.

The board says this behaviour continued, with the College attempting "to contact Hafiz numerous times in writing and by phone."

According to the hearing decision, the last official attempt to contact Hafiz was on April 6, 2021, when an email was sent to his home email address regarding a complaint from a patient.

That email was also ignored, the CPSA says.

"Based on the evidence, there were attempts to contact Dr. Hafiz by a variety of means," the tribunal said.

"The hearing tribunal is satisfied that Dr. Hafiz did fail to respond to any of the correspondence from the College as set out in the allegation. As such, the hearing tribunal is satisfied that the allegation is factually proven."

The CPSA says ignoring repeated attempts to respond to regulatory procedures, Hafiz damaged the reputation of physicians in Alberta.

"Dr. Hafiz has shown a pattern of behaviour that has demonstrated his refusal to acknowledge and respond to the obligations to comply with the regulatory authority of the College," the ruling said.

"The conduct of Dr. Hafiz harms the integrity of the regulated profession and constitutes unprofessional conduct."

Hafiz has not practiced medicine since October 2020. The CPSA has not released any details about the complaints or issues with his practice.

Sanctions against him will be considered at a later date, the CPSA said.