The Calgary Humane Society is hosting an emergency rabbit adoption due to being over capacity with rabbits at the animal shelter.

The Calgary Humane Society will be hosting an emergency rabbit adoption event due to being over capacity with rabbits down at the shelter.

The bunny bonanza has put an enormous strain on resources at the  Humane Society, which is one of the only shelters that admits domestic rabbits.

Currently the shelter, volunteers and foster parents are caring for close to 100 rabbits in need of a good home.

Quite clearly, it's a buyer's bunny market -- meaning price will be no obstacle to taking home a new pet rabbit this weekend.

“Our adoption event is name your own price,” said the Humane Society's manager of communications Jessica Bohrson. “We are also offering a free bunny care kit with every adoption and we are also offering free Rabbits 101 seminars.”



“Bunnies make great pets," Bohrson added. 'A lot of the people who come into the Humane Society,  they think about (adopting) only dogs and cats, but bunnies are very loving, they are very sweet -- but they do need space.”

The emergency adopt a rabbit event goes from Thursday February 6th until Monday February 10th.