Calgary man injured while attempting to extinguish fire threatening his home

Flames shot out of a detached garage outside a home on Prestwick Estate Way S.E. Saturday afternoon. (Supplied/Paulo Mello)

A man is in hospital with second and third-degree burns that he sustained while trying to keep a fire from spreading from his garage to his home on Saturday.

Calgary firefighters were called to a home on Prestwick Estate Way S.E. at about 5 p.m.

Once they arrived, they found a detached garage behind the building completely engulfed, with the flames beginning to spread to the home.

When crews assessed the situation, they focused on soaking the area between the garage and the home to prevent the fire from advancing.

Officials say there were some propane tanks inside the garage that exploded as a result of the fire, but they are not believed to have started it in the first place.

Smoke from the fire drew the attention from a number of bystanders, including Calgarian Paulo Mello.

"When I was driving back into the area, I saw thick, black smoke in the sky," he told CTV News on Saturday. "I drove up to see it and I heard the explosion. It was propane tanks that blew up – I saw one in the back alley."

(Supplied/Paulo Mello)

The male homeowner did suffer second and third-degree burns to his feet while attempting to put the fire out. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the garage was completely destroyed in the fire. Two vehicles parked inside are also a write-off.

Damage to the home was limited to the siding.

The cause is under investigation.