Calgary Parking Authority scraps hundreds of tickets issued to vaccine recipients

Drivers who received a parking ticket while attending the vaccine clinic at the TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary have received a reprieve from the Calgary Parking Authority.

According to the CPA, tickets issued to those who exceeded the 90-minute limit for free parking or failed to register for parking in the convention centre parkade have been forgiven.

"The CPA is pleased to support the health and safety of Albertans through our alignment with the clinic," said CPA officials in a statement released Friday. "As such, parkers who received a ticket at the Convention Centre Parkade between April 5 and 30 do not need to take any further action."

A total of 1.239 tickets were issued to vehicles in the parkade from April 19-25. Of the tickets, 1,156 were to drivers who failed to register their plates while 83 were issued for exceeding the 90 minutes of free parking. On Thursday, the CPA indicated a buffer was in place to account for unintentional delays with the vaccine administration process.

The CPA says 23,000 vehicles were successfully registered for parking in the parkade since the opening of the clinic.