Calgary police encourage cyclists to register bikes as part of Crime Prevention Week

Police are encouraging cyclists to sign up for Bike Index, a free online program to aid in returning stolen bikes to their rightful owners.

The Calgary Police Service is hoping to prevent citizens from being victimized by thieves as they mark Crime Prevention Week.

Crime Prevention Week is a province-wide initiative that kicks off Monday.

This year, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) will focus will be on encouraging people to register their bikes with Bike Index, incorporate the '9 p.m. routine' into their lives and practice extra caution when buying or selling items online. 

"We want to ensure Calgarians have a safe and enjoyable spring and summer enjoying all that their homes, neighborhoods, and city have to offer," said Sgt. Nick Wilsher in a news release.

Police also announced the CPS crime prevention team has a new email address that the public can use to reach out to them directly to ask for advice, or answers to questions about crime prevention; the email is

"We would much rather a member of the community reaches out with a question on a suspected fraud or scam instead of becoming a victim. Being able to directly contact one of our officers is yet another way we can help prevent crime.” 


Officers are asking cyclists to use Bike Index, a free online program to aid in returning stolen bikes to their rightful owners. 


Officers are encouraging citizens to follow the same routine every night before they head to bed, including checking to ensure windows, doors, garages, sheds and vehicles are locked. 


When making purchases and sales from online classified sites, officials suggest people complete transactions in a public place such as district office parking lots. 

"If possible, take a friend or family member with you," said a Monday news release.

"Don’t give our personal or banking information to strangers. Don’t use wire money services and consider using cash or a trusted e-transfer service."